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Rhys Hurd -The Sound Of The Music

“Tell me what you’re doing tonight – are you ready to go to new heights?”

That’s how Rhys Hurd’s incredible track ‘The Sound of the Music’, re-released ahead of his E.P. due in May 2021, begins as an opening line.

Hurd states the tune is about “the thrills of experiencing live music together in a live scenario”, something I’m sure most of us, if not all of us are missing desperately to some capacity.

After the opening guitar sliding sounds and a “massive bombarding riff”, the listener is thrown into rock/ punk/ alternative heaven. 

There’s something magical about Hurd’s vocals, creating irresistable empowerment in the unity of music.

Take a listen – and bookmark May for Hurd’s E.P which I’m sure will be just as awesome too!


Check out him out on Instagram and Facebook.

Article by Emma Stevens.

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