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Tay Temple- Train

Tay Temple is to release her brand new track on the 22nd of February.

The song is a perfect reflection of how anxiety caused by change can make you feel.

‘Train’ tells feelings Tay had when moving away from home to Manchester to pursue her music career. (Manchester being the land of hopes and dreams, for all things creative.)

Change is daunting and follows you like a ghost. That haunting feeling can linger until you are through to the other-side. Once you are settled it disperses and disappears.

This song poetically portrays what Tay went through when sitting on the platform, clinging to the comfort of your hometown before you step in to the unknown.

This dreamy folk song just speaks to the soul and captivates you in its very essence.

Tay Temple has been on our one to watch list for a long time and just keeps us on our toes.

Put it in your calendar and pre-save using the link below today.


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