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The Big Push

Brighton band The Big Push have three front men, Romain Axisa, Ren, Gorran Kendal and a drummer Glen Chambers.

They seem like they are full of personality and their Twitter has a daily selection of quotes. Here’s a few that spoke to us.

Gorran: “Yeah let’s do one more take, it takes the police a while to get here anyway”

Ren: “Its the equivalent of being stuck on a train that is destined to crash into the side of a mountain, and making a decision on whether or not to punch a baby in the face.” Gorran: “Yeah. I’ll probably go vegetarian.”

XVII managment: “That’s fine. We’ve learnt you can play your parts when you’re tired, you just dont look happy whilst you do it”

Gorran: “Maybe don’t press the buttons on the expensive equipment Romain”

To check out more find them on Twitter.

Have you ever heard of the name Romain Axisa?

He has released his own solo tracks featuring rapper/singer Ren.

The singer has an astonishing sound, listen to ‘French Song‘ .


One of his latest 2020 releases ‘Glad You’re Breathing’ starts off with vocals that would put ‘The Pixies’ to shame.

Consider adding ‘We Are Legends‘ To your jogging playlist it instantly lifts you up.

Listen to the secret solo surprise in Tomorrow Will Be.’

Ren is ‘The Busking King’, he first came to my attention on Facebook with Sam Tompkins.

His latest releases cover really important topics such as mental health and politics.

These are our top picks from Demos (‘Do Not Share’) Volume 1 & 2.

Sorry Ren but we just had to share them !


‘Crucify Your Culture’

‘Life is Funny.’

‘Love Music .pt.3’

Have a listen to Gorran Kendal ‘You Are The One’ (country vibes.)

What a group of talented individuals, if you haven’t heard of them you MUST check them out.

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