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WAYI- Insecure

An excellent blend of modern RnB and Jazz I’m tempted to pigeon-hole as Neo-Soul, but something about the dense production and the way WAYI’s vocals weave around the beat leave me content to dismiss labelling her music altogether. The honest expressions of unfaithful love ride a bass line that is capable of warping your stomach if you find the themes relatable, which they unfortunately are for many people. This juxtaposed against the graceful, jazz-inspired piano creates a gratifying wall of sound that carries WAYI’s voice through the track with elegance.

The production is really what sets this track apart from the plethora of RnB acts releasing material of late. A great eye for detail and subtle shifts of instrumentation give the impression of WAYI weaving a sonic web around the listener, her voice effortlessly occupying a space between power and seduction, the balance shifting back and forth as she resonates with her lyrics.

The song rises and reflects her insecurities with a pleading quality, a straightforward questioning of “Why would you make me so insecure?”, encapsulating the vulnerable honesty WAYI is deservingly becoming known for. This gift she possesses has the potential to lift you from yourself and follow her on an intensely personal emotional journey. Certainly one to watch.

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Words Brad Ford

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