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Sun K – High in the city

The sun’s rays recently graced Manchester and cities all across Britain with a blaze before February could even finish doing its thing.
Magic? Probably just global warming.
No matter – every wet and soggy resident of this eased their way out from the shade to find the best patch of grass to gaze from. To absorb a long-awaited dose of vitamin D during this surely short-lived spell of sunshine you may need some short and easy listening.
From Canada, comes Sun K with their new single, High In The City from their October album release, Bleeding Hearts.
This track exerts Rock ‘n roll in a very pure form.
The verses are visceral, the feel-good choruses are accessible and easy to sing along with.
An album that celebrates youth and it’s foolishness only deserves a single that tells of that wonderful feeling when summer hits and exploring a city you love.
The visuals on the accompanying music video shares the same motive.
Words Simon Harwood

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