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Saxsyndrum are something of an anomaly; with their hypnotic genre-melding sound they seem intent on breaking musical barriers, whilst also staying true to the raw catharsis that underlies the philosophy of their music.

Their latest album (Release date: 12th April 2019), in their own words “juxtaposes each member’s disparate creative processes to forge a rejuvenating journey through their imprinted emotions of friendship, love, life and loss.”

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Despite this eloquent description of their music, I believe their latest track “Let Go” more than adequately speaks for itself. Accompanied by a music video that symbolises the above quote with shots of the three musicians heading towards unknown destinations, the track is a fantastic product of all the hard work put in by the Montreal-based trio.

Elements of free jazz, dance and pop all intertwine effortlessly, locking the listener in and reflecting the group’s decision to name their upcoming release “Second Nature”. The instinctual change in their songwriting process is evident and refreshing.

A standout feature of the track is the interplay between saxophone and vocals during the eponymous hook, as the brass underlines the iterations of “Let Go” before embarking upon a series of precise but smooth licks.

The vocals of AP Bergeron exude passion and a desire to release emotion, always seeming to rise in anticipation of a wild but instinctively controlled primal scream. This is best captured in the Blue Room live performance ( Click here to watch  ) which I recommend to anyone interested in this group and looking for an entry point into their work.

Words Brad Ford


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