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The Zinvandels

Exciting new Welsh rock band, The Zinvandels have made an impressive impact on the music scene at such an early point in their career, with their fourth single soon to be available to the public.

The group have managed to inherit a timeless sound by borrowing guitar tones from the 60s and 70s, such influences become immediately obvious when witnessing the band’s aesthetic. An undeniable link to both The Kinks and The Clash can be particularly heard in their second release, ‘Strut’.

The band’s CV extends much further than their hometown, they headlined the Department S Club Night in The Lanes, Bristol last December. Yet on much more familiar ground, the indie rockers set stage at the Festival Hub in Cardiff, taking place on the 24th August.

‘Heartbreaker’ remains their most promising musical project so far, with a catchy and funk-influenced bassline, it seems destined to become a classic in the near future.

Listen to the band here:



(Alternatively, the band’s material is also available on Spotify)

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