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Fast-rising German quartet Moon Mates new single ‘Not Today’ is out now.

German natives Moon Mates released ‘Not Today’ on the fifth of May.

The single is a follow-up from their debut EP ‘Random Dad Barbecue Music’ in 2021. The lockdown birthed E.P paved themselves a path to being pop stars to watch.

Opening with a fierce guitar and delectable drums, front woman Gloria’s distinctive vocals are the perfect opener to this uplifting anthem.

The song takes the listener on a journey of empowerment and self-belief, finally breaking free from damaging relationships and finding a sense of personal liberation. 

“My intuition tells me you’re full of sh*t,

and I’m not gonna put up with it”.

It’s a single we can only imagine would be incredible to see live. The band vibing on stage and everyone screaming the lyrics back at them. Don’t you agree? .

Article Megan Riley

Musik Magazine 2023

Photos sourced by Andrew Bowles

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