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Dave Shurr

Here we have a cover of the atmospheric anthem that is Radiohead’s ‘House of Cards’ by artist Dave Shurr. When it comes to SoundCloud covers, trying to live up to a Thom Yorke standard is, well… A very brave choice. Especially when attempting to reconstruct the ethereal sounds of In Rainbows. The Singer’s desire to replicate Yorke’s irrepressible nature of getting lost within the music becomes increasingly apparent through his own twinkling instrumental and vocal riffs.

However, the harmony’s overall balance and timing towards the end of the track momentarily becomes a little too lost. This being said, stripping down a heavily synthesised song automatically puts a lot of pressure on vocal abilities, meaning the listener may unconsciously be looking out for issues rather than respecting what is working about the piece. Such as its Bossa nova twist, or the attempt at incorporating some of the familiar synthy sounds of the original.

The main celebration here is the relationship between Shurr and his guitar. Though the duet between him and his unnamed partner has that Oh Wonder styled melancholy we all know and love, the connection that flows between him and his instrument is the thing that keeps you listening. There’s always an audience for this kind of track, but Shurr somehow manages to create a new one by paying homage to both the original 2008 single, as well as the 60s classic ‘The Girl from Ipanema’. Imperfect yet inventive, I’d say worth a listen.


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