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Binky- Get Lost!

Binky had a career as a presenter on The Smith & Rogers Country show but is now focussing on her passion for music and fusing sounds from country music and urban pop. Her unique sound comes from merging the different sounds after travelling to Nashville and broadening her knowledge of country music.

Binky’s song Get Lost is a cheerful song about being young and in love. The feel of country music adds a summery feel to the track and makes you want to dance. It’s catchy and heart-warming. Her voice is beautifully different and you can feel the passion in her songs. This is one of those songs that you will have on repeat for days after hearing it for the first time.


She really manages to take you on a journey with her lyrics, you can feel how she feels in Get Lost, happy and in love and it takes you back to when you felt like that or if you haven’t it helps you imagine what it feels like

Fireflies is more about staying strong and fighting your demons. It has a powerful, emotional message but it is still upbeat which helps this song to be empowering. Rather than delivering the message through slow, sad tones she makes it more positive, making you feel like you can overcome your fears and find strength through the bad times.

Jackie D is more of a happy go lucky song about having a good time. The chorus has a big country feel to it and this is what is so unique about Binky. She’s not just a country singer, she’s mixed all these different sounds together to give herself her own sound to make her stand out. She definitely has potential to be a big star in the music industry and I look forward to hearing more of her songs in the future.


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