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September Boy – Travel Dream

The track opens with a melodic yet simple acoustic guitar leading into soft male vocals singing lyrics relating to experiences of seeing the world. After a few listens an oriental vibe to the guitar at times can be recognised and this feels like a nod to exploration of that culture on the travel dream. The artist vocalises “take my hand now, come on and fly with me” which alludes to him speaking to a partner about joining him on the travelling adventure. This track would most likely be relatable to those who have experienced seeing different parts of the world giving it a sentimental feel they could tap into.

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Credit- Christian Lambin – Photo Source- Luke/September Boy

When the chorus begins it almost feels like a different song has begun as the vocals are tinged with echo and the tone feels lighter. In comparison to the verses which at times feel ploddy, the chorus is better and reminds of a care free pop ballad you could picture someone having on in the background of a BBQ. The track has no hidden messages nor does it make you feel anything deep down, however it does exude that crossover of indie pop that is becoming so apparent in the music scene. From a personal point of view the track lacks in keeping your interest and that paired with at times unclear lyrics means the song loses its appeal to have a listen again.

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Words Kerri Marie Lacey

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