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The Covasettes – Like You

Taking their cues from the alternative/indie revival scene of the early-mid 2000s, the Covasettes are back with their latest effort, a masterfully produced track with fresh melodies, joyful vibrations, sleek and bright soundscapes, and everything else we’ve come to expect from the stylish indie group.

They are gaining deserved traction within the scene and this track is a testament to the excitement they are creating.

Their songwriting is elegant and appears effortless, never seeming forced or dishonest. Even with only four released tracks under their belts, these boys seem to have cracked the code for entrance into the dreamy head space only the best indie tunes can take you into.

This track boasts irresistibly catchy riffs and vocals with the potential to worm their way into your psyche; not to mention the faultless instrumentation providing a great foundation to work from.

Universal themes of love and relationships are twisted into an evocative narrative: an honest yearning for the love of someone you can never find a replacement for.

The lyrics are instantly relatable and work perfectly in the context of the song, providing a vessel for emotions that may have otherwise been incommunicable.

If you have an indie playlist, you won’t be able to resist adding this track to its ranks, along with the rest of the Covasettes’ output to this date. You’d be silly not to.



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