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Mister Strange

Mister Strange are a beautiful, twisted hybrid of a band, with two releases combining such diverse genres as Krautrock and Psychobilly. Their latest track Elevator Road is a hyper-energetic, darkly psychedelic amphetamine trip down a road where physics no longer exist and there’s no reason why they should.

Immediately you are struck by ear-piercing feedback, winding into a thumping motorik beat characterised by a snare that sounds akin to a 12-gauge shotgun. The haunted reverb lining the vocals gives me fond memories of old Cramps tunes, and I dare say that this track puts your mind in a very similar place. 

Mister Strange 2.jpgThe guitar crunches like a steel toecap boot to the cranium, but is grateful to be kept in check by a deep and powerful bass line. There’s a distinctly psychotic vibe, reminding one of a night out gone awry, where you’re separated from your friends and end up watching yourself ascend the pavement in a prophetic out-of-body experience.

 I feel like this track would make a great soundtrack to such misdemeanours captured on film, and would be extremely intense experienced in a live setting. It made me want to denounce my heroes and set fire to my room, in the best way possible.

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