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CSOD- For Your Blood

Blackpool thrash-metallers CSOD unleash their latest single, ‘For Your Blood’.

It’s not all bright lights and arcade games in Blackpool.  Away from the promenade there are corners of the brash coastal town that aren’t for the faint of hearted.

That’s where you’ll find Ligzig Rightguard, Cuffi Love, Our Jupes and Big Red.  The gruesome foursome that makes up CSOD.

Photo sourced by CSOD

The thrash outfit first formed back in 2012, drawing inspiration from heavy metal icons including Motorhead and Metallica, as well as from punk bands Misfits and the Dead Kennedy’s.

They have three EP’s under their belt: Beginning of the End, Going Nowhere and Final Insult.  Together they make up the 666 trilogy.

This latest release sees CSOD in familiar territory, battering their audience with their own brand of boisterous, hard hitting (and self-admittedly ‘rum-fuelled’) thrash metal.

The band’s sound is rooted in classic thrash which will make them a hit with any old-school metal fan, but it’s melodic enough that you don’t have to be a huge metal-head to get into it.

Photo sourced by CSOD

For Your Blood begins with an extended intro, featuring some very handy guitar work, building towards a full scale metal assault as CSOD launch into the bulk of the track.

The guitar work remains impressive throughout, as it should any quality thrash track, but the production value is what’s most notable.

All the elements of the song come through equally, which allows the track maintains its heaviness for the duration.

The weakest aspect of For Your Blood is the lyrics, which can be a little silly at times (the first line of the song is “Wait! You A**hole”) but they are delivered with enough conviction by lead singer, Ligzig Rightguard, that it’s not a huge issue.

It’s the riffs that drives this song, and they are brutally effective. Ligzig Rightguard, Cuffi Love, Our Jupes and Big Red.

Photo sourced as CSOD

This is solid effort from CSOD that will please their long-time fans, but it is accessible enough to be a good entry point for those who have never heard the band before.

‘For Your Blood’ is the first single from CSOD’s upcoming debut album, The Filth Element, which is set for release in early 2018.


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