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The Flight – Ward XVI

 The latest patient headed straight for Musik Magazine’s Intensive Care Unit, frothing at the mouth and lashing out – It’s Ward XVI’s ‘The Flight’, as featured on ‘The Art of Manipulation’.
The subject burst through the double-swing doors, impaling bystanders with shards of 80’s arena metal.
At 00:16, doctors found a steady pulse but were forced to perform CPR after having monitored the beat as it intensified, experienced bass-pedal palpitations and double-time before finally coming to a 5-second halt.
At 00:55, the defibrillator is put to use – delivering 1,700 volts of Space Jam-esque synths at four-beat intervals, interrupting the chaotic rhythm until it finally returns to normal.
The patient regains consciousness and the voice of Psychoberrie conducts a five-minute prognosis. The patient’s state is critical.
I advise peer assessment and thorough analysis of the subject. The subject must be regularly attended to and kept away from neighbouring patients as we fear ‘The Flight’ virus may be infectious.
Photo sourced by Ward

Musik Magazine

Words Simon Harwood

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