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Feral Family -Treacle

Considering it’s now 2017, it’s surprising to see how many bands today are sounding like alt 90’s throwbacks. From Radio 1 darlings Wolf Alice, to more underground bands like the Wytches, it’s clearly a current trend to harken back to the sounds of the 90’s.

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Feral Family are an up and coming alternative outfit who are obviously cut from a similar cloth. This new single, Treacle, is the first release from the quintet, who formed back in 2015. The alt 90’s influences are blindingly obvious from the get go:


If you weren’t paying that much attention, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was a Nirvana song. The drums especially are very reminiscent of Dave Grohl’s intro on Smells Like Teen Spirit. Treacle transitions into a more Sonic Youth inspired sound once the reverb soaked lead guitar comes in. The vocals have more than a hint of Thurston Moore and the Kim Gordon-esque bass line really helps drive the song.


The influence of these bands helps Feral Family put together a really tight alt-rock track, however it also hinders them. There’s nothing truly unique about this track. Instead of making you want to listen to more music from Feral Family, you end up wanting to listen to the groups that inspired this song instead.


What we have here is a very solid base for Feral Family to build upon. It would be good to see the band take what they have put together with Treacle, which is by no means a bad song and put a more unique stamp on the sound they have developed. There’s a really good band in the making here. With a bit more risk taking, Feral Family could well make some serious waves on the UK music scene.


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