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Silvertone Hills – Reaction

Looking for your next dose of indie fulfillment?

Then look no further as Ontario’s Silvertone Hills have the prescription for you.

‘Reaction’ is the latest release from the canadian five piece and does not disappoint.

Everything about it ticks all the right boxes.

Vibrant guitar hooks, check. Bouncing bass and driving drums, check. Pumping vocals, check. It’s all there. It’s hard to find something not to like.


‘Reaction’ will certainly be a new fan anthem at the next beer throwing, hair sweating gig.

The hardest choice the band now face is whether to open their set with it or save it for an encore. Either or it’s a winning formula.

As much as I have a strong urge to play it again I’m going to dive into the bands catalogue and await the new concoction of indie delight.

Check out the bands social pages for more info and listen to the track below.

Words Ashleigh Vaughan


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