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Lure In – Atonement and Subdued

Metalcore band ‘Lure In’ have released two singles from their greatly anticipated debut album ‘Subdued’. The album has been described by bassist Jonny Barker as, “a journey through what happens after you drink the Kool-aid”, this referring to cult leader James Warren Jones who attempted to murder his commune members with cyanide poisoned Kool-Aid.

The album is a journey through death. The single, ‘Atonement’, named aptly, evokes images of struggle and suffering. Vocalist Cameron Wilson captures these experiences and the persona of a man attempting to purge himself.

Considering this is the band’s first album, they are incredibly tight and perform equally well live. In band crowded metalcore gigs, ‘Lure In’ stand out way above their contemporaries. Their incredible live performances are often wild, chaotic and driven by the bands talented showmanship.

The album has been a successful DIY project, Wilson produced the album with assistance from drummer Sammy Coker and guitarists James Whittle and Jake Coulson. Inspired by bands such as ‘Dillinger Escape Plan’ and ‘Vein’, ‘Subdued’ is expected to be released on the 1st May however due to these uncertain times this is subject to change.

You can find their singles here:

Atonement: https://lureinband.bandcamp.com/track/atonement

Blueprint: https://lureinband.bandcamp.com/track/blueprints

And their social media here:


Words Amos Brooks

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