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Paper Jackets – Trigger

I wish I had discovered this band sooner. With vocals and music reminiscent of the band ‘Lawson’ and genres extending from alternative rock to pop – I think there is definitely a place in the industry for this 6-piece band.
There are plenty of time lapse shots in the music video, but none that change harshly, but rather swiftly, with the same aesthetic of the city that never sleeps, New York, recurrent throughout the video. All of the musicians automatically have incredible stage presence and help contribute to making the music video an entertaining watch.
I could definitely see this song across a variety of top ten genre lists due to the prepossessing artistry demonstrated. They are filmed moving across the city playing their instrument while the world around them is slowed down; perhaps to evoke the idea that when you are with someone you love, time slows down.
‘You can be my trigger’ is repeated seamlessly, the vocalist sounding fiery and passionately intense, working well for both relationships and friendships as he explains, ‘It’s a blissful approach to life and friendship’.
He engages well with listeners if the comments are anything to go by.
There is also an element of humour – something that is often missing in music videos of today – with the band leaving jobs such as office work (especially reminiscent to me as I write this on a Monday…) and throwing office papers up in the air. It’s not overdone and it’s not out of place.

‘I can see in her eyes. she’s lost’ and ‘We can fly to London’ are some of my favourite lyrics, enrapturing the consuming, fiery feeling of falling in love or friendship and anything seems possible. Throughout the video, I found myself wondering which still I’d pick for an album or single cover – I didn’t get round to deciding!

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