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Mimoza – Love for Days

We’re deeply stuck amid a familiar January chill, so what better to listen to on our morning commutes than some summer pop anthems about true love? I can advise you where to start: Mimoza’s “Love for Days”.

It is nothing but a true, catchy pop anthem. I enjoyed the catchy lyrics that I had stuck in my head for days afterwards, the vocals having a perfect, storytelling attack without trying too hard.

I would love to hear her voice on a ballad, as I believe she has one of those voices that could transition between both.

This is perfectly accompanied by the music video. There’s florally, spring imagery with elegant cinematography, without a confusing or frustrating storyline.

The song is about devotion and love and the music video portrays this accurately.

The dance moves are modern, yet classy. The whole music was so good that I had to go and check out her first single.

The lyrics match well with the carefree vibe of the music video. There are different shots ranging from washing lines to animals, nothing too diverse but a wonderful aesthetic, nevertheless.

The lighting is reminiscent of an Instagram filter, and it was a delight to see a video without any apparent special effects simply being used as an accompanist to the song.

Photo sourced from Mimoza’s social media

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Words Emma Stevens


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