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The Rose Affair – Blush

The song has a very slow introduction, in which instruments echo and gradually build up louder and louder until they reach a breaking point where the drums then intercept.

We are welcomed in with a lyrical pattern of slight rhyming couplets that continue with a soft yet powerful voice which instantly takes over, this slightly hoarseness to the tone only adds to the mystery of the track.

” There’s a thunder breathing down my throat, talking to models in museums all about your gold and you can auction off celebrity suicides. ” 

If I’m not mistaken I think the underlying theme to this track is relating to people that are earning a lot of money or in the spotlight and the negatives or positives depending of your perspective.

“I had to blush when I stood up, it was just your talent…”

The fact it’s called blush is a form of showing embarrassment which is normally very negatively held.

Each individual member of this band hold an important part of this song and add so much to the track. It’s a thought provoking song and musically overwhelmingly brilliant.

I’d highly recommend giving it a listen when it gets released in February and I feel honoured I could hear it before!

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Words Emily Vass

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