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Yvng Nova – Coming Through

Rarely, as an Englishman, do you discover music as raw and gritty as our British Grime is.

Notorious for its unfiltered grit, and intensity, it’s production is so finitely distinguished and unique in its own right.

That being said, I must start by giving my props and congratulations to the producer of Yvng Novas track: Coming Through, whom I feel deserves a lot of credit for the beat, which carefully emulated this genre; with its panning 808 hi hats and powerful sub bass, but also with its meticulous pockets in which the verses are so clearly indicated.

But with a beat this hard, it would be a travesty to ruin it with outdated ad-libs and dead bars. Luckily, Nova, King Shaun & Shaun set this track alight.

All three “come through” with a distinct, differentiating style, with elements and aspects that are akin to that of 90s, old school Afrobeat, with a sprinkle of Migos.

All round, the track had me off of my chair, riding the wave formed by the blend of beautifully meticulous production, and well performed, well written bars.

My only criticism is that, with a beat this heavy, the verses had a little bit more edge, be a little punchier or in general, slightly more aggressive in their performance.

Regardless, another great track. We will definitely be waiting patiently for another Yvng Nova record.

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Words Daniel Kingsley

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