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Faded Shades

Faded Shades have just released their debut album “It Gets Heavy” which is available to stream on all platforms. “It Gets Heavy” is made up of ten tracks cleverly blending distinctive notes of alternative rock with tinges of country to create one long tale most younger generations can relate to.

Track ‘Ain’t For Me’ opens with soft notes of acoustic guitar that ooze feel good vibes reminiscent of ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ making you expect an onset of country music to ring out. However, the tempo picks up with electric chords laced over the acoustic leading to a bold, punchy vocal. With lyrics such as “ain’t nobody better than your sweet self” I can’t help but feel this is a post break up song tinged with regret yet sweet memories, but due to the upbeat vibe it’s cleverly not doom and gloom. ‘Somebody knew’ and ‘Just Don’t Rain’ also ooze relationship woes with lyrics asserting feelings and reassurance.

‘What I’m on about’ starts with heavier riffs and plucky guitar chords as they delve into alt rock mode equipped with a catchy chorus you are sure to find singing after listening! Faded Shades refuse to lose their links to a country undertone as they incorporate a harmonica two minutes into the track and this surprisingly does not feel out of place alongside the heavy guitars. The song I feel could have taken a cool bluesy twist if they had extended the harmonica interjects and this would have lifted the track more giving it that lasting impact.

‘Friday’s Not Enough’ reminded me of The Jam’s ‘Eton Rifles’ at the beginning as the guitar parts were very similar until an assertive vocal interposed with the lovechild voice of Jello Biafra and Paul Weller. This song honestly feels like it is from a completely different band and came as a shock in comparison to the other tracks on the album. Close your eyes and you picture older band members taking a trip down memory lane to the days of seventies punk!

‘Talk about it’ has a lovely opening that transpires into a dreamy echoey track with simple lyrics and guitar parts that compliment the state of mind you feel the track was written in. It feels like a reflective track that you could lose yourself within when the outro kicks in. ‘Something Real’ exudes a similar floaty vibe although does not have the same effect of being memorable.

‘Throw it all away’ has you tapping along right away with its amalgamation of plucky guitar notes and old school country rock undercurrent. Although on this track the vocals don’t quite catch your attention quite like the others do and it is a shame as it perhaps leaves this song less memorable.

The standout track due to the fact they incorporate rock ‘n’ roll and floaty pop style vocals is within track ‘Strangely baby’ as they merge guitar riffs to create something of a blend between Oasis and Chicago – yet it works! However, the shock track off the album is ‘It Gets Heavy’ with what I believed to be a long introduction to establish the tempo of the impending track. I was wrong! The track is completely instrumental where the lads have a jam combining their influences of alternative rock with a tiny splash of psychedelic. I liked it at first as I felt it building, although once about two minutes in I had to admit I was wanting something more to happen and felt this could be a suitable platform for a very good track.

Overall, I liked the blend that Faded Shades execute within their album and it does include good tracks that are reflective of their life with honest tales of relationship breakdowns and general struggles overcome in navigating life as a youngster. Therefore, I feel a few tracks on this album are a good bet to pop onto your spotify playlist  either for when you’re needing your fix of rock ‘n’ roll with a tint of country or just that little bit of reassurance that you’re not alone in the confusing world of relationships!

Words Kerri Marie Lacey

Musik Magazine

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