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The Covasettes, new single!

Manchester based indie band are to release a new single on the 29th June.

I’ve had a listen to their new song “Top Drawer.” This interestingly titled track is quite Catfish and The Bottlemen in sound.

The Covasettes
Photo – Ianthe Warlow

The lyrical style in my opinion is similar, with slow soft vocals and then the more prominent drumming. If you like that kind of music then this is a track for you.

I enjoyed the flow with the gentler sounds which were very soothing.

Musik somewhat expected it to have a vast build up or a very noticeable break in the song however it never really went anywhere it just continued to be the same tempo throughout.

I would still recommend having  Top Drawer by The Covasettes in your playlist as it is a catchy indie song which does exactly what it says on the tin.

It is clear that they have a lot of talent as their live set at Summer Survival was really enjoyable.

Click here to check out their Facebook

Check out Ianthe’s photography

thumbnail_CovaDog .jpg
Photo- Ianthe Warlow

You can find the band on Spotify, Itunes and Soundcloud.

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