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Waltz Away

Hailing from Blackburn, Waltz Away have only been gigging together for around 6 months and yet have a beautifully cohesive sound.

With the guitar driven nature of the indie music we became accustomed to in the early 2000s but also pulling from more psychedelic sounds, the genres merge together and interact with each other creating a smooth and easily digestible experience. If the name, ‘Angel in the Red Room’ did not give an insight into the inspirations of the band, the video for the single certainly will. Set in the iconic red room from David Lynch’s Twin Peaks and filmed in a similar style, Waltz Away have not been shy about their influences and to be honest, when they’re as iconic as Lynch, why would you?

For now, I’ll certainly be adding their singles to my Spotify playlists but I am looking forward to being able to catch them live.

walz away

Words Niamh Pillinger

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