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Triumvirate by Trio, a Steel Rollercoaster!

Triumvirate by ‘Trio’ is a high octane, steel rollercoaster of a track. And I’m not even that much of a metal fan! It’s dynamic, intense and powerful from the start and somehow very cleverly includes an electronic sounding guitar riff from the off giving the whole piece a ‘bit crunch’ sound alongside this obvious and fervent raw metal sound.

The Lancaster based band included an old familiar double kick pedal, banging away like a time machine in the background – with very little evidence of ‘superior drummer’ sitting on top of any snares or kicks leaving me to know for sure; all them crazy drums and crashes are coming from a real-life drummer and not a plug-in.

There aren’t any lyrics to the song, and yet it’s somehow a very powerful and moving piece. The movements and arrangements of the chord progressions really are like going on a trip, a metal hardcore trip with lots of noise and rawness! A lovely and smooth ‘talk box vocoder’ effects unit is used towards the end of the arrangement that gives a nice lift, offering some light and hope, only to be brought back down to hell crashing and burning with a metal guitar riff and an intricate bass guitar riff sitting on top of those immense double kick pedals to form an outro.

All in all, Trio are intense and awesome and Triumvate (which after a Google search I found means a regime governed by three powerful leaders) is crazy.. That’s pretty much the only word for it. Or mental, metal could work too!

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Words Craig Hopkinson

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