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Razorrawks & Grhymz You’re Bringing Me Drama!

He’s back again!

This time he’s paired up with Grhymz to create a catchy new what he describes as “Electronic Punk Rap.” Which is a genre Musik wasn’t particularly familiar with.

You’re Bringing me Drama starts with such a harsh, explicit and blunt introduction but it just erupts in to a catchy original piece of music.

It has such a strong poetic vibrancy just injected in to the track. It’s refreshing to see originality within the music video and within the music.

Razorrawks isn’t ever afraid to be stand out and say it as it is. His music seems angry but not in a violent way to others, instead it’s cleverly bound together to make a perfect balance of rap and story telling.

Grhymz adds a new angle to the work heard before by Razorrawks. It works well and it’s a collaboration we’d like to see again.

The video is very clever, in which it loops together and the ending is essentially the whole concept of the song.  The coughing sound involved just brings character the song and adds to the raw rough and ready feel.

This is a piece well worth listening to.

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