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Latenight Honeymoon- Live your life without me

The band ‘Latenight Honeymoon’ is a self-afflicted name describing the hopelessly romantic content of their music and is a reflection of the quirks of the modern dating scene. The song titled “Live your life without me” are also the lyrics contained within the chorus showing that these Honeymooners are sincere and straight talking in the message they are delivering to their listeners.

‘Live your life without me’ welcomes you with a catchy drum melody, and as parts of the ensemble are gradually introduced, the song becomes a sparkling funky groove that’s easy on the ears and gets your foot tapping. As the song played I was reminded of the uplifting energy emitted from Junior Seniors’ Move Your Feet, but with The Honeymooners’ cool jazzy jukebox sound, it would seem that they are closer related to bands like The 1975 with a understated coolness to the sound.

The home of this song could be found on the high street in retailers like River Island or Topshop as youthful indie shoppers search for chinos. The sound has a certain affinity with the teenage misfit and is seems to me apart of a revitalised teenage dirt-bag genre. The artwork for the cover in a grungy homage to pop art, with a saturated filter covering the image of a room in a grimy club, with saturated colours in a screen-print look. I can picture this indie song playing through Topshop speakers as t-shirts dangle on the hangers on the shop floor with this album cover printed on them.

The vocalism and music are well suited with matching tones making a smooth experience. I hope Latenight Honeymoon orchestrate more music with this particular stylised production, as ‘Live your life without me’ is an extremely listenable sound, and I look forward to hearing they’re new releases.

Words Oly Hamilton

Musik Magazine

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