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The Twitchers -Cardigan Road

The Twitchers have released a new single entitled ‘Cardigan Road’ and produced an official music video for the track. With a great team of producers, video makers and promoters behind them, the ultra-apathetic indie ensemble, The Twitchers, worked with White Bear Studios to produce and engineer the track, Grizzly Promotions to co-ordinate and manage the music video’s production and Lancashire based music video creation company, Latent Films, to create and edit the music video.

The song, which is a tale of sending an apparently boring house mate packing back to ‘Cardigan Road’, is a funky, bass heavy indie tune with a very catchy lead guitar riff laid out as a melodic hook throughout the piece. Graced with smooth and very English indie sounding lyrics from lead singer Rob Morris, ‘Cardigan Road’ starts off with Rob’s vocal on top of a bar-length guitar stroke for every chord in sequence and after four bars the main lead guitar riff and drums come crashing in. The first chorus arrives with its funky feel and bass line as all the instruments, including 80’s electro funky keys, now brick up a wall of sound.

 The arrangement of the track is pretty standard for an indie song; intro, chorus, verse, chorus and so on. Yet, literally half way through the song, the boys introduce an amazing middle eight section. This is the height of the song; a funky heaven their waves of bass and 80’s, neon-electric keys create that would make George Clinton and the gang so proud! It really is an awesome lift to ‘Cardigan Road’ and in the music video the mad bunch are dancing around in some dark garage, donning a ‘shit-shirt’ each looking like a dodgy late 70’s porn movie or something. It’s genius!

 ‘Cardigan Road’ is very tongue in cheek, satirical and exquisitely arranged and produced. The Twitchers never take themselves too seriously and writing a funky indie track about booting a boring house mate out the gaff says it all when it comes to this mental four-piece from the lakes!

 Words Craig Hopkinson

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