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Brett Dennen ‘Here’s Looking at You Kid’

One of the hardest things when listening to new music is finding a particular sound that you enjoy that isn’t generic. This is challenging to accomplish, especially in the music industry today. There is however a resurgence of fresh music coming out of the indie scene at the moment and Brett Dennen is right in the middle of it with his new EP, ‘Here’s Looking at You Kid’.

Although relatively new to the UK music scene and with a sold-out show at the Omeara in London already under his belt, it is easy to see that the California-born singer and songwriter is hungry to once again leave his mark on the world.

Upon initially listening to this track, the first thing that caught my ear was the opening melody which was very upbeat, pleasant, and makes you want to tap your foot in synch with the flow of the music.

This combined with the sound of Dennen’s quiet, but soulful voice brings to mind images both cheerful and gut-wrenching; however, the overall vibe bleeds nostalgia especially with his lyrics, ‘I had the time of my life, I never want it to end, I wish that I could go back to the very beginning and do It all over again’, which is very relatable to most people who would like another chance at doing something again.

So, if you are looking for some music that is different than the ‘mainstream’, then you should definitely listen to the music of Brett Dennen and become just as big of a fan as I currently am now andI look forward to seeing what he comes out with next.

Words James Maines

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