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Helder Rock

Helder Rock’s new release and well titled Unpredictable Journey tells a story with sampling from start to finish.

The first track evening Breeze gives strong out of space visualisations , with high pitch bends and unnatural beeping, this seems to be a reoccurring them throughout.

The second track in the album City Centre 6pm starts with a distant chatter which then surrounds you, it’s somewhat eerie in a sense that you can’t quite make out what they are saying and who they could be.

My favourite had to be Wireless the bonus track, this was an entirely unique track with deep lo fi and synths that just erupted in my ears. It sent me in to a trance like state and was full of surprises.

You are led to believe it’s over but yet it continues with hints of television static, Super Mario and even pan pipes.

See what you think?

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