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Bedhair – Happy Thoughts

The start of the song reminds me of the start of the song 7 Nation Army, this is because the song begins rather quietly then builds up and up with more and more enthusiasm being injected in to it.

The title being Happy Thoughts, actually does up lift you and make you happier.

The most unusual aspect of the song is the tone the singer uses, it is quite a monotoned style of singing so therefore gives two opposite effects with the positive title and the lower tones of the voices.

The “doo doo doo doo” sounds very unenthusiastic but it’s actually really good, because it’s the style of the song, that indie laid back I don’t care vibe but it seems to work for them.

Happy Thoughts is a feel good indie track, have a listen and see what you think, see if it does help you think happy thoughts…

Words Emily Vass

Listen here


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  1. Beddy boys

    Thanks for the great read, Much love – Bedhair

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