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Airways – Starting to Spin

This new E.P named Starting to Spin by Airways was expected by Musik Magazine to be a work of art but did they actually live up to the expectations?

The beginning of the song had a steady quirky beat, as the introduction continued a slight droning backbeat came in. This did compliment the song and gave it a robotic feel.

I loved the fact the lyrics rhymed and their classic London style accent complimented the song.

The steady gradual build up gave it a laid back, relaxing overall vibe to the song.

It then broke in to what can only be described as the stereotypical Airways style. The build up that erupts in to a mixture of drums and guitar that only proceeds to be emphasised in the chorus.

Similarly to other patterns musicians follow however they do it cleverly.  They don’t just go in with all the instruments at top notch in the chorus they alternate. It’s not repetitive but it is typical to Airways style of music.

What did make me smile when listening to this track was the use of layering, hearing individually how many different layers were added to this track.

The creative influences became apparent to me in the guitar solo part, now whether or not I am right in my opinion I thought there was such a hint of Hank Marvin’s Apache.

In order to confirm thoughts of this influence the track was stopped and played alongside Apache.

They weren’t the same, it wasn’t sampled or copied but in comparison Airways sounded like there melodic guitar has stemmed from a carrying thought from the song Apache and it seemed to work really well.

Airways did surprise with this track but I would preferred an faster paced song, it’s not ever going to be their song Mate but they did an interesting job on Starting to Spin.

Was it a work of art?


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