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Fiona Grey – Dirty Dream

Based in Los Angeles, Fiona Grey is ready to take the pop industry by storm. Her focus: Hollywood. However, she has an alternative view on glamour and fame. She wants to expose the unrealistic expectations and negative escapism it exudes. Her single ‘Dirty Dream’ embodies just that; with newly added visuals, Grey is an artist offering a fresh perspective to the world of pop.

After finding success Grey has worked alongside Grammy award-winning producer Mike Schuppan (Paramore, M83, Ziggy Marley) to release EP Cult Classic, mastered by Dave Cooley (Fitz & The Tantrums, Stone Temple Pilots). With an national tour right around the corner, it seems there is nothing Grey cannot achieve.

What’s special about Grey is that she uses her music as a platform to promote her agenda. She is clever in the way she entwines her views with her vocals. She defines her sound as ‘Dirty Pop’ a term I can understand. Her strong vocals and an impressive scale offer a unique sound in the midst of what seems to be auto-tune and electronic pop.

With new visuals, ‘Dirty Dream’ only gets better. Grey does not hold back on her mission to defy the constructed normality of beauty. Her look is carefree. She drinks, smokes, eats junk food and dances in the moment. Grey seems to have no interest in strict choreography and flawless models. This song is perfect for any occasion. I can definitely see it being played in the club scene but also in a bedroom on girls night. It’s perfect for breakups, empowerment or purely just a fun time! Grey herself adds: “It’s a dance through the breakup type song.” I can whole-heartedly say many would benefit from this mentality and attitude to life.

Grey is someone to be admired, she finds beauty in being real, something that seems to have been left behind in the bright lights of Hollywood. Her music has an agenda, which is what makes her music so uniquely special. I have no doubts we will be singing along to more of her material very soon.

Words Chloe Winfield

Fiona Grey’s EP Cult Classic is available now.

Click here to listen


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