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Michael Stevens – Stroud

I had a listen to this particular musician and I was blown away by his ability to make something so complex sound so simple.

The layering and relaxed vibrancy which remains throughout his work makes it not only interesting but it makes you reflective.

The song “Am I home now” was full of meaning and you can hear his passion in the way he plays.

“Do you Love Me” had a very strong introduction, the layering was evident with all the different sounds I was hearing at the same time, it’s tricky to do but I think he has executed it well.

“Notice Me” takes a deeper aspect with sounds similar to that of a storm in the background, it reminds me of an overcast day and then suddenly the wind and rain stops and out from behind that cloud ripples the heat from the sun.

It sounds like a cliche but that’s what I’m hearing. The humming aspect the track creates a real ambient track perfect for those quieter nights reading by candlelight.

Each song tells a story and not with words which is a powerful way to make music.

Words Emily Vass

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