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Timi Tamminen- Timi Alexander

Finding individualistic music that appeals to the masses is hard to do however, this album ‘Timi Alexander’ blends elements regularly found in popular music in an unusual and interesting way whilst still maintaining mass appeal.

Timi Tamminen uses his high male tessitura creating an atmospheric and vagely anthemic track ‘All I want’. The elements mix in a way I personally haven’t heard together before but it is coherant and familiar. His voice reflects that of the style of Sam Smith bringing them into a new, more unusual context.

Stripping back the track ‘The ballad of a keg heart’ uses more subtle instrumentation with more emphasis on the vocals and the message that they carry. This track however is more akin to those heard by many other artists again such as Sam Smith leading to him loosing some of his individuality throughout this song.

However, the track is still thoroughly enjoyable and will appeal to a more mainstream audience than the first. Blending a mix of styles can be difficult but Timi has largely achieved this through the album to create an album that sounds bigger than his following would suggest and it will be interesting to see how his music and fan base develops in the future.

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Words Martha Kent

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