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Haiku Waifu – 4 2 B 1

It’s hard to distinguish exactly what category to put Haiku Waifu into. The newly formed band which hail from Manchester and Liverpool respectively are set to debut the new single ‘4 2 B 1’ this week, and Oh Boy! What a track to add to the C.V!

The insanely addictive guitar riff wouldn’t look too out of place on an early Zep album, with its hooks and loops it’s easy to see why. It’s a riff to be proud of!

The bass has just the amount right of overdrive, I fear if i turn it up any louder my headphones would shatter. (Now i know my neighbours wouldn’t want that to happen)

During the verse there are shades of The Stooges, the softer part is where Iggy’s lyrical phrasing is almost identical. It’s also very clear to hear the influence of Q.O.T.S.A throughout. It’s got that dusky, light flickering, not too sure what’s going to happen next vibe.

Nothing is subtle about Haiku Waifu but that’s the best thing about them, they’re not trying to be something they’re not.

The new single ‘4 2 B 1’ will be released on friday and make sure to check out the social medias to see where you can get it.

Words Ashleigh Vaughan


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