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DriftWood- New single! #36Ghost ! Exclusive review !

Driftwood have a new single out on the 1st of August, I was lucky enough to get an exclusive preview and review it!

Immediately the song screams character with it starting with a man coughing which gives it a feeling as if it’s been recorded in a live environment, with no sound behind the cough and the speaking  “okay” at the start it gives it a playful vibe. A drum sets the rhythm and I begin to tap my foot along with it. Then the powerfully dynamic vocals begin and it makes you want to listen on, the vocalist sounds so strong with a low tone to his voice giving shape and character to the beginning of the track.  I notice a harmony when they sing and it becomes apparent more than one vocal is being layered to add depth. The tuneful strings are just about made out in the many layers of the song, but it carries the playful melodic tune throughout the song.  It’s a light bubbly track with darker lyrics. It amazes me how quickly on the chorus the vocalist  is able to change from such a low pitch to a high one, it’s fluid and I found myself suddenly realising how high the man was singing.  The climax was at the end of the song, where the song changes pace by slowing down slightly which was sad because I could tell the song was on the way to the end. The song finishes on a brilliant symbol sound and you’re left with the distant drum beat still echoing around your head.

In my opinion Driftwood are notorious for incorporating a drum beat throughout the track and layered vocals. I think that this is a such a classic way to make a song more interesting, it makes the lyrics stand out and gives it an individual sound.


The only negative I felt with this track was it was hard to make out some of the lyrics, but with this explosive sound and a modernised genre of feelgood beat I am a firm believer that Driftwood really emphasise their personalities through their music and that is why I like them. I would recommend listening to This City as that is another absolute tune by them. They’ve failed to disappoint with the new single.



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