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Jack Harrison is playing @ The Driver London

Jack Harrison a 21 year old DJ from a small town in Cambridgeshire is to play in a London club on New Years Eve.

His ability to mix hasn’t gone unnoticed. He’s recorded music at EGG in London and goes Live on Facebook broadcasting his talents.

“it should be all about the love of music.”

Music always makes me happy and also what I love is the feeling I get when I find a track  I love and can’t wait to play it out.”

Jack has played music at several local venues and in London. His mixes have secured him a place at The Driver in London on New Years Eve 8pm – 5am.

“When I find a track I love I just think in my head how well it will go down, I never know what reaction I will get when I play music but it’s the best feeling in the world to see people dance to the music I’m mixing.”

Jack has his own interpretation of music that instead of just breaking the silence it decorates the silence.

I think this is such an interesting way to look at music and just goes to show he’s passionate about what he does and his perseverance has paid off.

Photo sourced- Jack Harrison


Click here to listen to Jacks EGG London Party mix here.

Jack has ten tickets left so if you’re interested contact him. Click here to find out more


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