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Second Hand Arms Dealers-Living

Atmospheric punk from Bristol-based trio 2nd Hand Arms Dealer

Punk is one of those genres that never seems to go away. Just when you think it’s done, another bunch of angry, disenfranchised youths come together to air their grievances for all the world to hear.  That’s exactly what we have here with Second Hand Arms Dealer, and their latest track Living.

While not as snarling and abrasive as your stereotypical punk outfit, the Bristol-trio have plenty of punk spirit about them.  However there are clearly other influences at work.

We kick things off we an atmospheric bass riff, which echos those of Peter Hook, formally of post-punk groups Joy Division and New Order.  The atmospheric calm does not last however, as the slashing guitar quickly blasts that away, its start-stop nature every reminiscent of At The Drive-In’s early work.

The post punk influences rear their head once again as we come to the verses, which have a feel of The Cure about them, but they merely act as the calm in between the storms that are the massive sounding choruses.

Lyrically there is not much to write home about.  They are nothing new and aren’t particularly memorable. However its the music that sells this this track so it’s not big issue. The bass and guitar is what will appeal to the punk community.

This is a very solid introduction to one of the newest voices in the punk scene. Second Hand Arms Dealer look set to become a force to be reckoned with.

Photo- Second Hand Arms Dealer

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Words Daniel Morris

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