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Indigo Youth @ Night and Day Cafe

Indigo Youth are a vibrant band from Barrow in Furness and they adventured to Manchester.

This is a risky move especially from a band that hasn’t necessarily got a following from Manchester.

Not to my surprise but to others, they had quite a crowd in, the other bands hadn’t had such a large quantity of people gather round to watch.

Indigo Youth in comparison had a large amount of people stood at the base of the stage.

They were brilliantly confident and gave a strong performance, they have a certain charm about them, one that lights up the stage and just shows their excellent stage presence.

Indigo Youth m.jpg
(Left to right) Eshi, Lorna, Matthew, (back) J.D, Dan 



Lorna has towering boots on which looked incredible, as a vocalist she has a beautiful style and a powerful voice which fills the room.

Dan has a super confident stage presence and his harmonies with Lorna were brilliant.

Eshi had a quirky style which goes well with the band and his musical abilities shine through.

Matthew has exceptional skills on the keyboard which acts as musical glue to this awesome band.

J.D the new drummer has good rhythm and control, I look forward to hearing what else he has to offer.

Their new song Boy Trouble is out now and you can listen here.




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