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Katey Brooks- In Your Arms

Heavenly, profound and heartfelt. These are the top three words I can only begin to describe Katey Brooks’ “In Your Arms”.

The unearthly prowess of vocal abilities is extraordinary. There is a soft, simple strumming pattern to back up the divine lyrics, echoing perhaps even wedding vows. Katey’s memorable voice only enhances the true showstopper lyrics, such as “In your arms, I want to stay for good”.

Katey has been quoted as saying “musicians are like therapists”. This appears to be true, as it would be nearly impossible for a listener to not have this song resonate to either a former or current lover. The pure honesty of declaring her sincere love, “My darling, you’re the only one”, along with the meek desperation in her voice make this song seem like it could have the longevity of a bold, love song that the music industry so desperately needs.

Her vocals are stunningly effortless – there is no trying to hard in this song. Another thing about this song that I personally adored was the angelic backing vocals. They make the song sound like it could be a perfect fit for a variety of functions from a couples’ first dance to a church number.

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Words Emma Stevens

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