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David Madras – Early Bird Special

Today I want to introduce you to David Madras, a singer/songwriter based and raised in Toronto who discovered his love for country music in his 20s.

After developing his songwriting skills over the years with various eclectic projects, he found Country, Folk Roots Rock and Canadiana. He says about it:  “Once I’ve found Country music suddenly I knew the ingredients my writing had been missing”.

Once infected with love for this kind of music, he tries to get people to do the same.

The success proved him right and so he became a fixture in the Toronto open mic scene. He also played with his band  in a variety of classic Toronto venues.

David released his debut album “Early Bird Special” in 2018 and his first release in 2020 is the fantastic song “Collide”.

A song about love, lost and loneliness, nostalgic and the lonely Desperado is almost palpable with your hands.

The mixture of classic country and the great finger pick you can hear in the background shows the full range of his skills. Coupled with the very good voice and well-chosen lyrics, this song is definitely one that makes you want more, more of David Madras and more of country music.

Article by Martina Doerner


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