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Blossoms @ Victoria Warehouse

It was a pleasant surprise to learn I had got a guest list pass for a completely sold out gig.

I can honestly say Blossoms as a whole were so friendly and welcoming.  I walked straight in to the dressing room and Josh was steaming his outfit for the night.

“Proper charity shop style.”

The band even let me have a beer and if that isn’t friendly I don’t know what is.

Whilst waiting around the crowd grew rowdy, you couldn’t see past the barrier in terms of distance that’s how many people came to see them.

I had a real buzz from being backstage, it’s easy to forget that they are just regular guys that enjoy making music, when face to face with them you realise these superstars are just like you and me.

The band posed for pictures just before they were about to go on, this was exciting because you could hear the chanting from backstage.

They then walked straight past me and it was my turn to get up the front and get some photos of them in all their glory.


They started their set and a fiery buzz of enthusiasm swept the floor, people let up phones in hand and the band smiled.

They were in their element, their music is a sweet taste of slow, upbeat indie heaven.

The type that Manchester loves so much, their iconic performance impressed me with beautifully controlled vocals, the drumming was fabulous, the bassist joined in with vocals and he sounded brilliant.


Tom is an amazing front man but he didn’t steal the show, each and everyone of them showcased their talents.


They did their newly released cover of Last Christmas which made me feel quite emotional.

Halfway through the set Tom started singing Sally Cinnamon and ended up leading the rest of the crowd to sing it, then he walked off.

The crowd then carried on for a bit then looked lost and confused but they waited, was it over?

Surely enough, it wasn’t, the band came back on stage but this time with intense blue lighting, it looked awesome.


I was so impressed with the overall night.

Only at one point was it let down by people using flares however if i’m honest it added to the overall atmosphere and created an exhilarating vibrancy to the night.

Words Emily Vass

Musik Magazine




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