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Man Of Science Single Review ! Let it Out an exclusive Out the of 6th October

A very heavy start the track I didn’t know what to expect, the track then progressed with some seemingly interesting vocals, it was hard to understand what they were saying but because the title of the track was let it out I then began to recognise that’s what they were singing.

The track has a catchy chorus with a good repetitive steady rhythm. I could really pick up on the drums. They didn’t overshadow the rest of the instruments though in fact they were complimentary.

They had used some talented interesting musical layering. I liked the tinny sounds towards the end half of the song, it really had an exciting flow to it. The song sped up  toward the end making a gradual slow ending with a sudden pulse. They brought the volume back up at the very end which I felt was a nice way of reflecting their personality. It felt cheeky in a sense almost like, you thought we were over but we’re not!

Let It Out by Man of Science will be available on Spotify, Apple Music from October 6th.

Photo sourced from Rob Brooks


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