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The song Temple St. Bandits began really differently to a lot of musicians I’ve heard before, unlike most rock bands they began with a sample of an American man speaking, I was blissfully unaware who was speaking. I asked the band who it was and they explained that it was a sample of a live reading by the poet Charles Bukowski. I thought this was such a good way of them reflecting personality within their song.  This alternative rock band are heavily characteristic and don’t seem to be afraid to be different.

Photo sourced from GLOOMZ- photo credit Siri Crawford


The Drumming  intensified at the beginning of the song and then the singer began.

The lyrics were dynamic and the vocalists vocal range was shown very clearly in the track by their ability to scream.  I didn’t find it stereo typical for a heavier rock band even with the screaming, I thought that they had genuine musical talent.

I enjoyed the guitar and drums, I liked the soft transition between the snippets of poetry and how they had the music playing underneath. It shows a great example of layering within music and it’s better on the ears and in my opinion makes the song seem more interesting.

Photo sourced from Gloomz- Photographer- Siri Crawford





I also found it unusual how the song changed towards the end, it went from a quite intense sound to a rather laid back vibe.  This did actually shock me, as I found the climax of the song instead of being more intense it was quieter.

The build up of the song was instead a drop in dynamics and volume, the song became calmer and that is what made it contrast to the rest of the track.

I thought it was great how they brought the heaviness back at the end of the song and finished back on the poets voice.

I genuinely think that Gloomz are very interesting and I would recommend them.


Photo sourced from Gloomz- Photographer- Siri Crawford



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