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The Voques

‘Easier Said Than Done’, a slice of FIFA Soundtrack-ready indie pop.  With synths thrown in for good measure.

As I write this track review, I’m sitting in my living room looking out of the window.  It’s pretty grim out there.  Start of October, its cold, wet and windy.  Summer feels like a distant memory.  I just wish I had something that could take me back to a couple of months ago……

Fortunately, this new single from The Voques is the perfect song for the job.  ‘Easier Said Than Done’ is the first thing I’ve heard from the North-Lincolnshire outfit, but it has left a lasting impression.  This song would feel right at home on the soundtrack for this year’s FIFA game.  I could see myself vibing to this whilst picking who to play in midfield for Liverpool. Its summery energy is perfect for one of the world’s most popular video games.

Straight up.  This a quality song.  The band are incredibly tight, with the drummer being particularly solid and the guitarist’s chords being clean and sharp, like a burst of sun.

The production is equally impressive.  This track was clearly put together with a great deal of care and attention to detail.  You hear a lot of tracks from young artists which sound like they’ve been thrown together in a day and it can turn you off instantly, regardless of how good the song is.  When I hear this song, I hear a band who mean business and who are going places.

The band incorporate synthesisers into the track well also.  It doesn’t sound tacked on or gimmicky, yet doesn’t overpower the other elements of the song.   The synths add another dimension to the song and stops The Voques from sounding like any other indie band around the country.

I’m reminded very strongly of bands like Phoenix and Two Door Cinema Club when I hear this song.  The fun, bouncy nature of ‘Easier Said Than Done’ is especially reminiscent of the vibe of any Phoenix record.  The Voques could well be North-Lincolnshire’s answer to the French indie-pop group, if they start experimenting with the synth a little more.

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Words by Daniel Morris

Musik Magazine


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