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The Empire Police’s New Song-Yesterday- Review

The song Yesterday by The Empire Police began with a twinkly build up of instrumental which seemed to play through both of my ears at separate times. I felt this was such a magical start to a song. I throughly recommend you listening to this song with headphones on and you’ll understand what I mean, but blast the rest out to the public after the intro!

The song then progressed with more layers as a drum then got involved  If I listened closely I could hear the nice relaxing distant symbol sounds.

The lyrical work of this song was creative  “all your sons and daughters are still chasing yesterday, say you need it say you want it now” I like the use of rhyming in the lyrics it makes it catchy but it doesn’t seem to be overpowering. Even with all the layering in the song, everything was very equalised and sounded very well mixed, the lyrics were not louder than the backing.

The overall pace of the song didn’t change rapidly throughout, it was a nice chilled song, however in parts it had a time the emphasis on guitar and drums became more enhanced.

“Steal your dreams, fairy tales and long lost lovers, gone tomorrow and here today”  the lyrics take an expressive form further in to the song where they tell a story, the only flaw I would say is it’s harder to understand the diction of the lyrics further in to the song.

My personal favourite thing about this track had to be the guitar solo towards the end of the song, it left me speechless, I mean it’s not quite Jimmy Hendrix but it was powerful enough for me to stop eating my sandwich at the time.

I can’t wait to see these guys live once again at the Ferret in Preston on the 9th of September.  I expect nothing but big things.

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