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Brendan Ashmore- This Club ft JVY review

The song has a solid start where it sounds just like it’s going to build up in to something incredible.  With a funky beat at the start , then some brilliantly carved lyrics about liking someone. “let’s get out of this club, just me and you, you came in with your friends baby I’m better than them”   The egotistical vibe gives you confidence and makes you feel like you could be that person leaving the club with someone else.

The synthesised sounds really add a quirkiness to the overall style of this track with the main climax having no lyrics I felt you could really move to it and it wasn’t a generalised sound.

It certainly didn’t sound like most dance tracks I’ve heard before, where some fall in to the trap of being repetitive the different sounds I heard that were constantly changing gave it an edge.

You can hear all the layers that make up the song with the varying sounds being placed together and putting the lyrics over the top, like a perfect sandwich.

The only flaw I felt this track did have was the fact the lyrics were quieter than the backing electronic music which added a contrast to the song.

There was a nice bit at the end where the singer sang over the top of the lyrics interrupting them almost with small phrases. I found that by doing that it really made the song sound interesting.




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