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Tom Gibson – Not Right For You

Manchester born Tom Gibson has recently released a song titled “Not Right For You”. Whilst his inspirations include John Mayer and Shawn Mendes, make sure you don’t presume he is a carbon copy. He is anything but.

The funky electric guitar songs along with the careful usage of vocal echoes help to capture the uncomfortable situation we occasionally find ourselves in, where we know we are not right for someone and it “only makes it worse” to continue a façade.

I was very impressed by the song, especially by the fact it was a debut single. There is a clearly a lot of talent on display.

The repetitions of “I know I’m not right for you” become more and more emotion and desperation driven as the song goes on.

The riffs and when the production fades a little help to create moments of reflection for both singer and listener. I’m hoping to hear more from Tom Gibson in the future!

Words Emma Stevens


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